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Painter Gustave Nouel shares his Artistic ‘Secrets’…

Painter Gustave Nouel shares his Artistic ‘Secrets’…

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Professional painter Gustave Nouel (GN) of Aruba, based in Deventer, is a very respected and admired artist in the world of Art. In 2018 he decided to share his expertise with all interested arists in Holland.

Since his youth, in Aruba, he has developed his own international way of quick-sketching, which currently is getting a lot of attention in Holland, especially from the young artists and the youth…

Many consider Nouel one of the most famous artists from the Caribbean, living in Holland. GN (gustavenouel.exto.nl) likes to share their expertise, experience and ‘artistic secrets’ with interested colleagues and talented young and motivated artists.

Relevant artistic activities:
In Apeldoorn, at the Royal Talens Expertise Centre, Nouel offered some national workshops, in 2018.
Royal Talens (main Art-paint factory) also invited artists from all over Holland for a National painting Masterclass from Nouel, the 10 and 17 February 2018, from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Famous professional jazz musician, Delbert Bernabella, was willing to be a model, playing different instruments for this Jazz Art Masterclass from Gustave Nouel.

In the main cultural center from Deventer, Kunstcircuit (kunstcircuit.nl), the courses ‘portrait streetsketching’ & ‘portrait-painting’ from Nouel,  started, all year-round in 2018, with live performances in ‘street sketching’ and ‘speed-painting’ by Gustave.
There are two groups participating, one for all levels and another only for advanced artists…
For more information, Kunstcircuit (tel. 0570-665084) or Gustave Nouel (06-26804109).

In 2018, Gustave wil be exhibiting his Artwork in several Dutch towns, at all levels…
In Aruba, Gustave is also preparing to present a special book with his paintings at the National library and for workshops ‘street-sketching’ and other artistic activities in Aruba, the Island where he grew up.

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