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Master Artist – Gustave Nouel: New official website launched!

Master Artist – Gustave Nouel: New official website launched!

The Master – Gustave Nouel

Monumental designer and specialist in the Art of painting, Nouel is also a sculptor, graphic designer and a performance visual artist at special occasions. Gustave Nouel is considered a virtuoso artist working and living in Holland and Aruba. The artist was born in the tropics and grew up in the little paradise of Aruba. Clear traces of the Caribbean can be found in most of his artwork. His art is considered to have a creative bridge-function in general.

Nouel’s JAZZ ART was presented in the Dutch Pavilion at the World Expo Seville ‘92 and at the Art Expo New York 2000, and as a result of his work now forms part of many collections: of Governments, Foundations, Museums, Cultural Centre’s, Galleries as well as private collections. In several countries Nouel created murals.

His art received a lot of attention in different countries of radio as well as television and hundreds of publications…
In 2006 Nouel became the artist of the year in Aruba and in 2007 Nouel was recognized with a permanent place in the Aruban Hall of Fame, at Paseo Herencia amongst the most famous people of Aruban history in all times. And all this attention and recognition, while still being alive!

Specialties: Painting, drawing, and Art in general…

Official website – Gustave Nouel

Welcome to the new and improved official Gustave Nouel website. With a fresh look and feel and (intelligent/obvious) design, this new website is designed with you in mind.

With a fresh look and feel and a new (intelligent/obvious) design, our new website is designed with you in mind, to improve your Gustave Nouel experience.

Mobile optimized
Fully optimized for mobile devices, our new site will allow you to learn more about Gustave Nouel, whether you’re at your desk or on the move.

Easy (to get somewhere/figuring out how to get somewhere)
The new website Gustave Nouel is easier to browse and discover more about the Master Artist.

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