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Painter Gustave Nouel shares his Artistic Secretonan

Painter Gustave Nouel shares his Artistic Secretonan

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Professional painter Gustave Nouel of Aruba, based in Deventer, with the hopes of achieving the world of Art, in 2018, he presented a different workshop, presentation, and exhibition in several Hulandes cities. For a long time with the faculty at Aruba, he has developed an international aspect of motorway-sketching, which currently has hoped for attention, as well as some of them.

Hopi and consider one of the most popular Galician recipes. GN (gustavenouel.exto.nl) likes to share their expertise, experience and ‘artistic secrecy’ with colleagues and talented jong motivates, above the level. GN the most important artistic activity and next simannan:
At Apeldoorn, the Royal Talens Expertise Center will invite you to a workshop on the day of the 18th of January 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at 10:00 p.m.

In addition, Royal Talens invites you to a National Masterclass and three days, 10 and 17 February 2018, from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

And well-known jazz musician, Delbert Bernabella, arranged for her role, playing a different instrument for Masterclass Jazz Artwork by Gustave Nouel aki. Delbert has also grown and kier extends across Europe’s jazzy border.

Esan at Hulanda with more information or register for Yama Royal Talens: 055-5274778.

In Deventer, from February onwards, the course of ‘streetsketching’ will take place during the daytime school year and the year-round performance of the ‘portret painting’ by the artist. There is a lot of places left over in the cultural center Kunstcircuit (kunstcircuit.nl) at Deventer.
For more information about contact with Kunstcircuit (tel. 0570-665084) of Gustave Nouel (06-26804109).

In Almere, Gustave Nouel to be invited to exhibit his Jazz Artwork on January 11th, February 18th, at Café op 2 (cafeop2.nl), Stadhuisplein 2, Almere-Stad.
Due to the exhibition being held on the next day, Gustave Nouel gives him a demonstration of living aspect of motorway-sketching and person is interested in the workshop as an autopista-sketching aspect of the Arubian master for 16.00 a.m. 18.30. Diadomingo on the 18th of February, the closing day of the exhibition, GN gives it a ‘jazzy’ workshop with a model in the cultural and cultural cafe. More information for yama Patrick Mezas, tel. 036-7441040.
In Groningen, Gustave Nouel participates as a special guest artist and collective exhibition entitled ‘Vrijheid in Verbondenheid’ at the well-known MartiniPlaza center for the end of January with 2018. Inauguration GN gives it an efficient aspect of motorway-sketching and delivery and buki ‘Het geloof van Oranje’, containing his paintings, in the mayor of Groningen.
In Hengelo, Gustave Nouel to be invited by Kunstenlab di Deventer to participate in the professional artist of Overijssel na and exposition with the topic ‘Identiteit’. Day 2 of February, he spoke of the official room ‘Zaal Zuid kunstpodium’ [Oyfo] na Hengelo.
In Aruba, I was also invited to present a special box with his painting and preparation for Gustave Nouel from a workshop on ‘motorway-sketching aspect’ at the level and also by a painting of the portraits of the artist later in 2018.

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